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Flyboard in San Andrés

This ingenious mechanism allows a great push under our feet (controlled by the instructor from the jet ski itself)

Flyboard in San Andrés

What is flyboard?

The Flyboard is a new water sport that is done with a board under the feet, which is connected to two powerful jets that allow you to fly over the water, dive into it, jump like a dolphin and do all kinds of pirouettes; This sport does not require physical strength, just balance and, above all, be comfortable playing in the water.

The operation of the Flyboard is very simple; It is based on a conventional jet ski, which normally collects water from the bow and, through a turbine, expels it at great pressure from the stern, driving the bike forward. That water outlet is connected to a hose of 20 meters and diameter similar to those of firefighters, and all that pressure is carried under a table, dividing the water flow between two elbows of smaller section that throw the water down.

This ingenious mechanism allows a great thrust under our feet (controlled by the instructor from the jet ski itself), but also a relatively simple control to maintain balance, move and turn.

In learning mode, the impulse is controlled by an instructor from the jet ski to avoid any risk.

Who can practice it?

Any person over 18 (or 16 with parental permission) with normal mobility can practice Flyboard.


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